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“Everything that surrounds you, except the Nature, was before a dream in the Human mind.”

Hi! I’m Rocío Albertos Casas. And welcome to my dream that came true.

I have travelled throughout different areas like Graphic design, Photography, Sculpting, Web Design and Web Development along these last few years. I learned a lot, however, I had always other creative ideas whispering my mind. Time, though was not helping and so many other things came into with more importance.

I had a project in mind long time ago and today the moment to show it to the world came. Created with illusion and effort, let me introduce you PipasPipocas.

This Project is focused in two main areas. Digital and Craft. Both connected with the same purpose. To create Artwork. In one hand, you’ll find Graphic design, Web Development and Corporate Identity made with inspiration and a clean mind with the exceptional collaboration of Marco Cardoso – Senior Creative Frontend Developer.

On the other hand Artistic Handmade Art. Made to produce that exclusive and vintage look in your day-to-day life.
Some of our Handmade work is made upon recycling and other is restored with a special custom touch. I also like to express my painting skills and create beautiful illustrations that can be placed in anyone’s wall.

At the moment this handmade part of my project is still in progress and although I’ve made a few works soon I will be able to sell them in my “coming soon” Etsy on-line platform where the products will be available for the World.

If you need to contact us for your next Digital Project or if you have any interest in any of my Handmade Artwork you can always say hi through my email hello@pipaspipocas.com.



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