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“collect your ideas”

This is a new way of reusing a frame instead of using it for its original purpose. The oval shape is a less common art work but a nice one to create an original wall art. Choose your favourite pictures, postcards, business cards… and make a collection of your best ideas. Follow this easy steps to make an unique one.

Step 1: Get all the materials: An old frame and a nice patterned fabric bigger enough to cover the frame edges. You will see that the fabric I chose in a first moment wasn’t the same I used later. A small change not important because it doesn’t matter which fabric you chose just take into account that matches with the color of the spray you chose for the frame and it creates an harmonic color combination without big contrasts.
Buy them in any other vintage market or other decoration stores. Beside get cotton thread, a wall stapler, spray, and hooks if necessary (I explain in the step 7 why might not be necessary)

Step 2: Cover the space where you are going to work with old newspapers and paint the frame with the spray. Don’t forget to do this in an outdoor space, and it’s is highly recommended use a mask.


Step 3: Now we will use the frame as a template to draw the silhouette of it on the fabric so we will get the perfect oval shape of our frame. Use a pencil and do it on its back part. After this, we will draw an extra interior line within 1cm. and cut it later with a scissors (If they are specialized for fabrics, better) This step is to avoid the fabric be seen out of the frame borders from its front view.

Step 4: This step , it’s not mandatory ,It’s just for someone who has a sewing machine and wants to define the fabric’s edges. If it’s your case, sew the borders in the ZIG-ZAG mode.


Step 5: Place the fabric on the back of the frame and with the stapler, we connect the fabric with the frame. The best way to do it, is by putting a staple in the opposite side I put the previous one. For example, If I have started in the middle upper part, I will continue putting a new staple in the middle bottom part. Later I will add one more in the middle right side so the next will be in the middle left side. Repeat this until the fabric is fixed and tense enough.


Step 6: I have added a hook that the frame had and previously I had taken took it off for putting the fabric.

Step 7: If you see the bottom left picture, you can see how the cotton thread is displayed. I bought a few hooks from a,for example hardware store, and I put them reusing some of the holes the frame had or creating new ones till get the cotton thread well aligned.
I connected one hook from one side, with the hook from the opposite side and this is how it looks like:


Step 8: It’s time to enjoy putting your favourite postcards, business cards, messages with small tweezers that can be provided by any Fine Arts store like Vlieger in Amsterdam or in a any other DIY store.


It is really nice the result and very easy to do it! Get our unique piece in our on-line Shop or create yours!

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