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“addictive at the first bite”

Muffle and co is an international franchising bakery that sells fresh baked doughs made with delicious Ice Cream, Fruits, Chocolate and with other experimental yummy ingredients. Take a look at these pictures and be careful. It can be really addictive just by looking at these bubble waffles.
You can also check some other pictures made by some Muffle #Igers.

Chris’s warm thanks:

“Rocío helped us designing our company logo, a crucial marketing element for every company branding.
She really managed to help us define our vague ideas, express our concepts, all combined within a simply beautiful logo. Really just what we needed, and most importantly, she didn’t mind to go the extra mile to make sure the results were perfectly stunning and exactly what we needed! Thank you very much again from Muffle & Co,
Yours sincerely,”
Chris Mayr – CEO Muffles and Co


Love for the product, happiness, sunny, beach and an important reference to the waffle bubble product along with good coffee. These were the main ideas to conceptualize their new logo. The round (bubbled) silhouette was meant to remember the most characteristic shape of the product and by that to provide the best way to remember a good muffle waffle. The rest is about taste.

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