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Why? For two main reasons. That’s when ideas flourish and your energy to think empowers you with creative attitude in the very beginning of a day. Brainstorms, Meetings, Knowledge sharing, they only make sense when you are at your maximum energy. PipasPipocas was founded by Rocío Albertos Casas to get out of the box in the Digital Market and with it to spread the joy and the energy of working in it day after day. A Website, a Mobile App, a Corporate or Graphic Identity will always be felt like like if it was our very first client, and that is something that will never change.

is also a part of us


Nowadays, Handmade’s exclusivity have been replaced by mass production. However, at PipasPipocas we tend to preserve the magic of creating simple and genuine Handmade Artwork enjoying it’s process and giving it all our love. Personality and Uniqueness is the result of our work. Hopefully, one day this essence will wrap you and become part of you and / or your home.

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